Nyglos® for plastics

An excellent mineral reinforcement option for engineering thermoplastics that can partially replace chopped glass fiber with enhanced flame retardancy.
Nyglos for plastics

A range of handy benefits

Nyglos is a unique, High Aspect Ratio (HAR) wollastonite with acicular morphology and excellent thermal stability. It’s an ideal reinforcement agent in plastics, especially if you’re working with engineering thermoplastics like polyamide and PC/ABS.  

It’s also a great way to partially replace expensive milled or chopped glass fiber to provide flame retardancy at lower cost.

Nyglos® wollastonite has an acicular structure
Nyglos® wollastonite has an acicular structure

Due to its acicular morphology, fine particle size and high aspect ratio, Nyglos wollastonite provides:

  • Improved rheology
  • Increased stiffness (flexural modulus)
  • Improved Heat Deflection Temperature (HDT)
  • Reduced Coefficient of Linear Thermal Expansion (CLTE) and shrinkage
  • Improved weldline strength (especially surface treated wollastonites) 

It can be used to reinforce Polyamide 6 (PA), giving a stiffness and weldline tensile strength comparable to chopped glass fiber while improving melt rheology. 

What’s more, it can be added to flame retardant formulations of glass-fiber-filled PA6 to enhance flame retardancy and achieve better ratings for thinner specimens.

If you’re working with reinforced polyamides, flame-retardant polyamides, automotive applications requiring enhanced reinforcement, household appliances or electrical applications, Nyglos could give you the edge you need.

Spiral mold flow length
Spiral mold flow length increases with increasing Nyglos® to GF ratio in polyamide 6

Using Nyglos in intumescent Flame Retardant (FR) formulations of glass-fiber filled PA6 can enhance FR performance to achieve UL94 V0 ratings for thinner specimens. 

For example, replacing 10% of GF in a 30% GF-filled intumescent FR PA6 allows manufacturers to achieve UL94 V0 rating at 1/32” thickness while improving melt rheology compared to the same formulation filled with 30% GF.

In summary, Nyglos products are recommended for use in:

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