Household goods

Our mineral additives can help make plastics stronger, more resistant to heat and more cost effective, in the production of white goods.
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Everything but the kitchen sink           

If you manufacture plastics for white goods like washing machines and dryers, or kitchen appliances like kettles and toasters, we have mineral-based products that can improve mechanical properties, heat resistance and whiteness, while reducing formulation costs. 

Our wollastonite, micas and talcs* will reinforce plastic parts in appliances such as jug kettles, toasters refrigerators, and washing machines, improving stiffness, dimensional stability and temperature resistance. They are able to provide the following advantages: 

  • Enhance stiffness and dimensional stability
  • Improve temperature resistance
  • Lower formulation costs

The same minerals impart high temperature rigidity to white goods. They are chemically inert and remain stable in contact with active detergents, food remains and other materials that may be present in washing machines, dishwashers and tumble-driers.

For opacifying properties, high whiteness and low specific gravity in thermoplastic sheets, we recommend calcined clays. When used in combination with TiO2, they can also lead to cost savings, while maintaining the color and opacity of your thermoplastics.

We have other products formulated to improve rigidity and dimensional stability in applications like garden furniture, all of which can also deliver savings on your formulation costs. So, no matter what household products you’re producing, talk to our team about how we can save you money and improve performance. 

We recommend the following products for plastic household appliances:

*Talc products are not available in the USA and Canada. Contact us for an alternative range.