Opacilite™ Ultra

If you’re looking for a way to save costs on titanium dioxide, our Opacilite™ Ultra range is for you.
Opacilite Ultra

High whiteness – at lower costs

Cutting down the amount of titanium dioxide in your thermoplastic sheeting or film can create big cost savings. We’ve designed a product range that can effectively extend your titanium dioxide without impacting the quality of your final product. 

Opacilite Ultra is a high whiteness flash calcined kaolin we produce with a patented rapid-heating process. Used in combination with TiO2, Opacilite Ultra maintains colour and opacity, and imparts low specific gravity, while lowering the overall cost of your compound. 

The rapid-heating technique creates large numbers of tiny sealed voids within the clay particles, resulting in:

  • Excellent opacifying properties
  • High whiteness
  • Low specific gravity

Opacilite Ultra is suitable for the partial replacement of TiO2 in linear low-density polyethylene, high-density polyethylene and polystyrene polymers. 

Key benefits

High whiteness
Low specific gravity
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