ImerBuild is a comprehensive range of engineered mineral solutions that transforms the performance of PVC compounds in construction applications. Derived from a multi-mineral portfolio of calcium carbonate, wollastonite and kaolin-based solutions, ImerBuild is designed to optimize both rigid and foamed PVC, delivering superior results with cost-effectiveness and sustainability in mind.
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Elevate your PVC applications with ImerBuild

Imerys' innovative ImerBuild solutions provide a multitude of benefits for your PVC applications:

  • Enhanced stability: Reduce material expansion and shrinkage, ensuring your products maintain their shape and dimensions over time.
  • Improved strength: Increase stiffness and impact strength, improving the durability and longevity of your PVC compounds.
  • Enhanced aesthetics: Achieve heightened gloss and surface finish, adding a touch of refinement to your final products.
  • Cost efficiency: Lower the overall cost of your PVC applications while reducing their environmental footprint.

Drive performance with ImerBuild

Utilize the unique properties of wollastonite to improve cellular PVC products. With ImerBuild W100 & W200, your products demonstrate increased stiffness while reducing expansion and contraction. Eliminate sagging, lower installation costs, and enjoy enhanced aesthetics that make your products stand out.

Optimize your rigid PVC siding and fence boards with ImerBuild C100. Its fine blocky minerals provide exceptional stiffness and impact resistance. With increased mineral loading levels, you can achieve lower composite costs.

Looking to improve your foamed PVC trim boards and sheets, or rigid PVC profiles? Look no further. ImerBuild K100 & K200 kaolin-based solutions allow you to reduce titanium dioxide (TiO2) content, resulting in lower raw material costs and an improved carbon footprint.

Experience the utmost in impact strength and gloss with ImerBuild P100. This premium quality solution, based on precipitated calcium carbonate (PCC), offers superior performance for foamed PVC trim boards, sheets, and window profiles. Achieve impeccable surface finish, glossy visuals, and improved impact properties.

Collaborate with Imerys to transform your PVC products

Let us be your trusted partner for PVC solutions.

Partnering with Imerys means gaining access to our extensive scientific expertise, state-of-the-art technology centers, and a proactive team that is committed to understanding and meeting your unique research and development requirements.

We are devoted to helping you create new product solutions to meet evolving global challenges. 

Contact us today to see how we can work together to create innovative, sustainable solutions for the future.

PVC window profile
Produced from premium quality precipitated calcium carbonate, ImerBuild P100 boosts the performance of foamed PVC products such as window profiles.
PVC cladding
Kaolin-based ImerBuild K100 and K200 are solutions of choice for lowering TiO2 content of foamed PVC cladding.
Composite decking
ImerBuild W100 and W200 wollastonites improve the stiffness and aesthetics of composite decking.

Learn more about ImerBuild at SPE Vinyltec

Imerys Plastics & Rubber Senior scientist, Eric Ernst, will be presenting the new ImerBuild development at the upcoming Vinyltec conference, held in Akron, OH mid October.

Join him at 2.00 pm on Thursday 12 October.

More about the agenda here.

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