We have a variety of minerals to improve the adhesive qualities of your products, or impart a range of specific features.

Helping sealants to stick  

If you’re looking for ways to improve the adhesive qualities or performance of your sealants, our minerals can be a great solution. 

Our fine platy kaolins and calcined kaolins provide higher interaction sites for adhesion. In starch and synthetic resin systems, kaolin products such as Polestar, Glomax, Polwhite and Argirec improve flow characteristics, penetration, adhesion and dry time. 

Wollastonite is a calcium silicate that provides higher adhesion to a hydrophilic surface. Try our product ranges: Nyad, Nyglos, Wollastocoat or Aspect. 

We also have calcium carbonates that allow a more efficient use of adhesive promoters. For example, our PolCarb™ grades provide excellent adhesion in dextrin adhesives for paper substrates, while our premium ImerSeal 36S surface-treated GCC grade confers superior adhesion in hybrid roofing adhesives.