Lead acid batteries

Discover our range of high-purity and highly conductive carbon additives for lead acid batteries.
Advanced lead acid batteries

Leading with high-purity and conductivity

Our graphite and conductive carbon blacks for advanced lead acid batteries offer manufacturers a wide choice of specialty options to meet their equally wide range of needs. Manufacturers work closely with our team of in-house experts to find the optimal solutions for their particular technology. 

Our product lead acid battery range consists of high purity expanded graphite Timrex® BNB90 and Timrex® CyPbrid 4. On top of this, Timrex® CyPbrid 1, 2 and 3 offer hybrid carbon solutions which combine the relevant properties of graphite and carbon black in one unique product. The carbon black additive Super P® completes our offer as a high-purity and highly conductive carbon black with a moderate surface area.

The benefits of these carbon solutions include both improved charge acceptance and improved negative plate depolarisation in advance lead acid batteries.