Lithium-ion batteries

Discover our premium range of high purity conductive additives for lithium-ion batteries, designed to directly meet the specific needs and requirements of our customers.
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Leading the charge for mobile energy

We can proudly say we are the global leader in, and supplier of, conductive additives for lithium-ion batteries.  

As the story of lithium-ion batteries progresses, from its origins in consumer electronics in the early 1990s to its now huge presence in electric vehicles today, so does ours as a solution provider for manufacturers. Our strategy puts customers at the core of all our solution-minded processes by developing new grades and new solutions together to fully meet their specific requirements head-on. 

Our customers are increasingly interested in the safety of their batteries and request high quality as well as high purity. The world of lithium-ion battery technology is developing rapidly –  faster charging, longer range and charging at lower temperatures are all challenging areas of interest and our products have been and will be developed further to cater to these needs. 

Our C-NERGYTM line of extremely high purity graphites and conductive carbon black powders are used as conductive additives in the positive and negative electrodes of lithium-ion batteries. The C-NERGYTM Actilion GHDR grades for the active mass of the negative electrode are made with our patented chemical vapour deposition coating – an environmentally friendly alternative to pitch coating. In addition, we have just introduced a new line of additives for the active mass. And, adding a small percent of our QX Quick Charge line to your active mass will significantly improve a battery’s charge and cycling rate, especially at low temperatures. Finally, our carbon-based dispersions are an ideal coating for aluminum current collectors. Together with this premium range of products, we also offer a Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) coating service.