Deposit control

Our talcs and bentonites are complementary natural minerals solutions for effective deposit control throughout the papermaking process, whatever the chemistry and water circuit closure of the wet end.

Natural mineral solutions for total deposit control in all paper making environments

Our highly lamellar minerals are effective, natural solutions for total deposit control throughout the papermaking process.


Talc* has a high specific area and low surface energy which shows an affinity for organic substances such as wood pitch and stickies. Pitch and stickies, such as wood resins, adhesives, inks and waxes, also have a low surface energy. As low-surface energy substances naturally attract each other, talc attracts pitch and stickies onto its platelets, rendering them harmless and preventing them from agglomerating. 

Our Steanite™ talc grade uses two mechanisms to combat deposits, depending on the size of the contaminant. 

Deposit control

Pitch and stickies are pacified at three levels during the papermaking process:

  • Talc is hydrophobic and remains on the surface: the talc-enveloped contaminants can therefore be evacuated during the flotation process
  • During cleaning, talc envelops stickies, increasing their density and making them easier to remove
  • Any remaining contaminants leave the process in the finished paper
  • Our Steanite™ range is particularly effective for combating pitch and stickies in virgin and De-Inked Pulp (DIP) and paper production


Due to its high active surface area, bentonite is capable of absorbing all kinds of hydrophobic particles during paper production, including both colloidal and microparticles.  

Bentonite, such as our Altonit® range, is particularly effective for absorbing stickies in DIP and recycled base paper and board production. 

In both cases, our Total Deposit Control (TDC) solutions neutralise the tacky nature of the contaminants, eliminating felt and wire blocking problems as well as deposits on pressing and drying cylinders. The runnability of the paper machine and the quality of the final paper product are improved significantly.

Our TDC solutions are effective in both chemical and mechanical virgin pulp as well as deinked and recycled pulp. They are ideal for newsprint, SC and LWC paper, wood-free printing grades, tissue paper and board.

Our Steanite™ Prime grades significantly reduce anionic charge in the system helping to reduce the use of more expensive and less environmentally friendly cationic polymers. They are particularly effective in recycled pulps containing high levels of anionic trash.

*Talc products are not available in the USA and Canada.

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