Decorative materials

Find the right decorative materials from our broad portfolio for your next exterior design project.
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Our minerals as decorative materials

Whether you are a landscape designer looking for inspiration, an architect sourcing raw materials, an urban planner seeking solutions for public infrastructure, or even a contractor preparing an equestrian or golfing facility, you’ll be sure to find the right decorative materials in our broad portfolio. We provide a wide selection of minerals to enhance your yard, terrace, garden or pathways, from sands, pebbles and slates to paving and riprap blocks. 

We offer high-quality decorative minerals with outstanding technical properties from our French quarries and European sites. Our silica, feldspathic and micaceous sands, mica and quartz are intended for the architectural concrete and gabion markets as well as other markets such as equestrian arenas and golf courses. Our slates from the former Angers slate quarry are recognizable by their blue color and are used for mulching paths and beds in gardens and parks.

Our position as industry leader in mineral processing is reflected in our range of decorative minerals and represents years of know-how and expertise at your disposal. Our team is at your disposal to help you choose the most suitable material for your project and give you all the keys to make it happen according to your desires, criteria and requirements.