Boiler solutions

Burning non-conventional fuels can help lower costs and impact your environmental footprint, but it can also damage your furnace or boiler and cause operational challenges. We have a product that can protect your equipment from slagging and fouling.
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Burn opportunity fuels with reduced boiler damage

In today’s changing economy, increasingly restrictive emission regulations and fluctuating fuel prices are driving energy producers to make operational changes such as burning non-design, opportunity fuels. While these fuels are lower cost, they can be difficult to burn. The slagging, fouling and corrosion that result from burning these fuels can increase maintenance costs, safety risks and decrease boiler availability.

We have developed the Aurora™ product range, which significantly reduces deposits and can decrease maintenance costs to allow power plants to burn lower quality, lower cost fuels.

Benefits include reduced maintenance costs, increased boiler availability, improved safety, lower heat rates and increased fuel flexibility. Our Aurora range is suitable for a range of fuel mixes including agro-waste, coal, meat and bone meal, municipal solid waste, peat, pellets, pet coke, poultry litter and wood waste. 

Our team of experienced engineers and combustion scientists can perform a thorough boiler survey and analysis of your fuels, bottom ash, fly ash and deposits. By working closely with your operational, fuels and maintenance staff, we can recommend the optimal dosage of the Aurora range to solve your slagging, fouling and corrosion issues. We can then work closely with your plant and operations managers to effectively apply the product.