Coal mine safety

Our ImerCoal® product range reduces the impact of explosions in coal mines, creating safer conditions for workers.
An image of the moisture tolerant vs regular rock dust

An effective way to reduce the destructive power of explosions in coal mines

Our ImerCoal range is our calcium carbonate-based rock dust product specifically engineered for the coal mining industry to provide safety to coal miners.

Calcium carbonate rock dust is commonly applied to the roof, ribs and floor of coal mines to help prevent explosions from propagating through a mine. If an explosion occurs, the rock dust disperses in the air along with the coal dust, neutralizing the combustible coal dust.

Our ImerCoal range is available in two grades: ImerCoal® Rock Dust for dry mine operations, providing conventional rock dust protection along with a superior white marble color. It can be applied with conventional dusting systems.

ImerCoal® MT (Moisture Tolerant) Rock Dust is the right choice for mine environments that experience high-moisture. When exposed to water, the new rock dust doesn’t cake, guaranteeing it will continue to function even in damp conditions. It is expected to require less maintenance than conventional dust and therefore reduce costs and frequency of reapplication.

Our ImerCoal range meets all standards and requirements of 30 CFR 75.2 and has the same application methods as conventional rock dusts, but with a smoother application flow. It will increase safety in dry, wet or humid mine conditions, and offers cost savings as it lasts longer than alternatives – it’s still fresh six-weeks after application.