Calcium fortification & supplements

Our calcium carbonates are ideal for calcium fortification of foods and dietary supplements.
Calcium fortification & supplemenets

Premium quality calcium additives for food and supplements

We offer food-grade Precipitated Calcium Carbonates (PCC) as an excellent source of calcium for food fortification and dietary supplements. 

Our I-Blūm PCC grades are added-value solutions for enhancing the calcium content of fortified foods and beverages such as:

  • Yogurt
  • Meal replacement bars and drinks
  • Bakery snacks
  • Dairy-based and plant-based beverages
  • Powdered beverage mixes

Our I-Blūm™ range of high-purity precipitated calcium carbonate food additive grades are sustainably sourced from high-quality minerals from our own mines and processed at our facilities according to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). 

 Calcium fortification
Animal & pet kibble
Baby food
Baked goods
Coffee creamers
Food bars
Frozen dairy
Powdered drinks

The I-Blūm range is available in four densities.

  • I-Blūm F18 light PCC
  • I-Blūm F23 medium PCC
  • I-Blūm F50 heavy PCC
  • I-Blūm F70 extra heavy PCC
 I-Blūm F18I-Blūm F23I-Blūm F50I-Blūm F70
General classificationlight PCCmedium PCCheavy PCCextra heavy PCC
Brightness (%)≥ 98≥ 98≥ 98≥ 98
Median particle (µm)
Tapped density (g/cm3)0.500.700.901.05


Our calcium carbonate food additive grades:

  • Are registered for use as food additives under European Directive 1129/2011 (EC) Calcium Carbonates: E170
  • Comply with required purity criteria set out in European Directive 231/2012 (EC) 
  • Comply with US FDA Standards for Food Additives
  • Comply with purity criteria under Food Chemical Codex, VIII Edition
  • Comply with Japanese Standards for Food Additives, VIII Edition
  • Comply with Kosher and Halal food specifications 
  • Do not contain allergens 

Process quality is guaranteed by

  • HACCP in place at all relevant sites 
  • All sites certified ISO 9001:2015

More information on the Food Regulatory Package and Kosher certificate is available from our download center.