High purity filtration / clarification

High-purity diatomite filter aids for the biopharmaceutical and pharmaceutical industries, including blood fractionation applications.
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High-quality diatomite filter aids for pharmaceuticals

Our USP-NF filter aids have been used to produce high-purity pharmaceuticals for over 30 years. Today, our filtration media is produced and shipped from a state-of-the-art plant in Lompoc, California. This fully enclosed, dedicated facility produces USP-NF-grade diatomite filter aids for the biopharmaceutical and pharmaceutical industries, including blood fractionation applications.


Our pharmaceutical filter aids are manufactured in a new, stand-alone, FDA-registered plant on our Lompoc, California, operations site. This plant was designed and built to produce filter aid components under a “state of control” appropriate for the pharmaceutical and high-purity chemical industries. The plant is equipped with dedicated facilities including:

  • A warehouse with segregated storage for pharmaceutical components
  • Water purification
  • Chemical storage and preparation facilities
  • A process control laboratory

Product line


Our Celpure range is a USP-NF Filter Aid (HPFA) specifically designed for blood plasma fractionation and a high-performance filter aid engineered for the clarification and harvesting of biological fluids.

AW Celite® NF

AW Celite NF media is a high-purity USP-NF diatomite filter aid for the biopharmaceutical, pharmaceutical, high-purity chemical, and specialty beverage industries.

LRA® (Lipid Removal Agent)

LRA media is intended for removal of lipidatious compounds, including endotoxin. It can be later extracted by pressure or vacuum filtration systems.


Our USP-NF grade and high-purity filter aids are produced with the most extensive quality system in the filter aid industry. Production is structured to meet the requirements of ISO 9001, as well as the appropriate GMPs and guidance documents. 

These quality programs have been audited and accepted by both traditional pharmaceutical and biotechnology-based pharmaceutical producers. This program enables the support of customer requirements for:

  • Process control
  • Documentation
  • Quality
  • Change control
  • Certificate of analysis

When appropriate, compendial testing is documented on the certificate of analysis.

Our manufacturing procedures and documentation practices are updated to align with cGMP requirements, guidance recommendations and customer requirements. The documents include information on:

  • Manufacturing
  • Quality policies


All our high-purity filter aids come in a variety of packaging configurations, including non-bulk and semi-bulk. All non-bulk options address USP-NF and pharmaceutical cGMP requirements.