Sorbents & chromatography media

Try our range of diatomites for mineral-based sorbents and support for gas-liquid chromatography.
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Custom-based sorbents for the pharma and biotech sectors 

We are a leading supplier of sorbents for the pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical, biotechnology and analytical industries. Our Chromosorb chromatography media has been used by these industries for over 50 years.

Most of our sorbents are produced on a custom basis for resellers. While this media is typically private-labeled, some of our sorbent trade names are well known, such as Chromosorb and Celite® R-Series Biocarriers®.

Our sorbents have a huge range of uses and applications, for example: our Celite 566 product range is used in supported liquid extraction for sample preparation prior to analysis.

Our sorbents offering and the performance benefits we can bring to your processes are too diverse to cover here, so please contact us to find out more.