Minerals with a specific particle distribution diffuse light from the paint film, giving a smooth, deep matting effect. 

Get deeper matt finishes for less 

Matting agents have an effect on the color and rheology of matted coatings: not only decreasing the gloss of surfaces but also affecting their color and rheological properties. For manufacturers of paint, the difficulties often lie in meeting stricter environmental standards and adapting to new application and print technologies. 

Imerys offers a wide solution of natural minerals for matting paints. Imerys minerals are cost-effective alternatives to silicas and waxes often used in matt paints. Imerys minerals with a specific particle size distribution, diffuse light from the paint film, providing a smooth and deep matting effect. Imerys offers its formulators options to achieve significant matting without losing opacity in both water and solvent-borne, high and low Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) systems.

Minerals diffuse light from the paint film
Minerals diffuse light from the paint film

OpTiMat® matting agent products provide maximum matting efficacy and allow formulators to formulate the dead flat paint line at a lower loading. OpTiMat’s lameller morphology also reinforces the film and helps in reducing mud cracking issues in high PVC paint lines and improve burnish and touch up performance.

Celite®  flux-calcined diatomaceous earth products have very high whiteness and lower “b” value and provide high matting efficacy for waterborne architectural paint lines. The irregular shape morphology exhibits excellent burnish and touch performance in mid to high PVC paint lines.

DiaFil grades are the natural diatomaceous earth silica-based products designed to provide maximum matting efficacy with excellent film properties, burnish and touch-up performance. DiaFil grades contain crystalline silica less than 0.2%

For high PVC, Eco-Phyl and Plastorit are based on leucophyllite, giving paints improved matting and scrub resistance without losing opacity. 

Jetfine 2 is an excellent matting agent in low PVC wood coatings, due to its fineness of grind and particle size distribution.