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How to use diatomaceous earth: 3 little-known applications

Diatomaceous earth has many practical household applications, but is also used for technical purposes in the chemical, agrifoods, cosmetics and pharmaceutical sectors.

Diatomaceous earth

A natural mineral powder, diatomaceous earth is still largely unknown to the general public. It has many benefits, however, and can be used for a wide range of things, some of which would be hard for consumers to guess.  

Diatomaceous earth: a natural insecticide 

In countries with regulatory approval, diatomaceous earth based Celite 610* is a mechanical insecticide for crop protection and is a powerful complimentary active ingredient to any integrated pest management program.

It’s very effective at providing a physical mode of action against insect, pests and mites. And it’s easy to use. It can be spread directly onto the soil, all around the plants that need protecting, or diluted in water. Use around 5g per liter and spray this mixture onto and underneath the leaves. 

Effective and eco-friendly cleaning products 

Natural household cleaning products may contain diatomaceous earth, since it has a mild abrasive action. In powder form, it’s also very effective at absorbing odors and liquids. If you add a bit of water to diatomaceous earth and form a paste, you’ll have an effective and eco-friendly household cleanser. 

A non-chemical filtering agent 

Since a diatomaceous filter is extremely fine, it’s no surprise that it’s used for agrifoods, cosmetics, pharmaceutical and chemical applications. Its filtration power is around 5 to 10 microns. Able to remove microbes from water, diatomite is a powerful mineral that can reduce the amount of chlorine needed in pools. It can also render water in developing countries safe for drinking by eliminating bacteria and other contaminants.

Diatomaceous earth is an integral part of our day-to-day lives. Without even realizing it, we all use products that could never exist, or at least wouldn’t have the same properties, without it. Wine is a perfect example, since clarification is an essential step in winemaking. It has a direct impact on taste, but also affects the length of time a bottle can be kept.

Diatomaceous earth powder
Diatomaceous earth has many applications
Diatomite rock
Diatomite is extracted from the Murat quarry (France)
Diaromite microscopic view
Diatomite comes from the fossilized skeletal remains of diatoms (microscopic single-cell sea or lake algae)

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