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Imerys commits to the next generation of geologists with an agreement to support the Dan Germiquet Fund

On December 9, Leah Wilson, Imerys Chief Sustainability Officer and member of its Executive Committee, signed a five-year agreement on behalf of Imerys with the French National School of Geology to support the Dan Germiquet Fund. Imerys is a founding member of the newly created Nancy Geology Foundation, which will host Imerys’ long-term commitment to the Dan Germiquet Fund.

Imerys commits to the next generation of geologists with an agreement to support the Dan Germiquet Fund

The Dan Germiquet Fund was established ten years ago to honor the fond memory of Dan Germiquet, who was for many years Imerys’ Vice President for Geology and Mine Planning. Education was close to Dan Germiquet’s heart and he was closely involved with the life of the National School of Geology and its students. The fund provides annual merit-based scholarships for foreign students to come and study at the school. 

Judith Sausse, the School Director, underlined the importance of the fund for students: “The new foundation that hosts the Dan Germiquet Fund aims at energizing the school’s strategic plans and ambitions during the 2023-2028 period, based on the solidarity of its alumni network, industrial partners and your support. One of the strategic axes of the foundation concerns direct financial help for our international students in financial difficulty. We are proud to support these brilliant students who can devote themselves entirely to their studies until their graduation thanks to the Dan Germiquet Fund. Thank you sincerely Imerys for your loyal support which is so important to us.”

Scholarships to support the next generation of geologists

Since 2014, 43 students have benefitted from the fund, which helps cover their studies and living expenses. Describing how the fund had helped them achieve their goals, one student said: “In 2019, I was among the two lucky students who were given the scholarship offered by the Dan Germiquet Fund in the framework of a double degree agreement between the Lebanese University and the National School of Geology. I was pursuing a master's in environmental geology prior to enrolling in the National School of Geology, which I did after completing a bachelor's in petroleum geology. Looking back on everything that occurred three years ago, I can say with certainty that what I am today, including my career identity, is a result of the opportunity that was provided to me to move to France, where I was able to explore my career options and make the greatest use of my abilities. This is what this grant has given me the chance to do, to become the person I am today, and for that, I am very thankful.”

By financing students to obtain their diplomas from the National School of Geology, the fund also provides a valuable springboard for long and fruitful careers. Engineers who graduate from the school are highly employable scientific experts who often move to leading positions in the mining sector. The intellectual skills acquired at the school, including handling complex data and uncertainty, also equip students for a range of other careers in industry, management, and research.

Education, a key part of Imerys’ strategy for a sustainable future

This agreement is one of several partnerships between Imerys and universities and research institutes. For example, Imerys is also a partner of the Mineral Industry and Territories Chair, which supports scientific research in mining and geology at major French universities.

More generally, education and skills development are the focus of Imerys’ community engagement strategy. In France, Imerys works with the Alliance pour l’Éducation – United Way, a non-profit organization, by participating in programs which support young people through education, training, and work experience. Internationally, Imerys works with local education partners in the countries in which it operates to contribute to initiatives promoting literacy and numeracy, educating women and girls, investing in the renovation and maintenance of school buildings, and helping improve the employability of young adults. 

More information about Nancy Geology Foundation

If you're interested in applying for the Dan Germiquet Fund, please send an email to

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