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Imerys sites across the world support Covid-19 vaccine rollout for colleagues

Imerys employees who wish to receive the coronavirus vaccine are being supported to do so, as the Group works with its people, local communities and local authorities to navigate the pandemic safely.

Our Covid-19 vaccination centre India

As Covid-19 vaccinations roll out across the world, Imerys employees who wish to receive their doses are being supported by their managers and the organization. 

Vaccinations are encouraged strictly in compliance with local regulations. The health and safety of employees remain a priority, and continuous sanitary measures apply to all, vaccinated or not.

Imerys takes its CSR commitments seriously and when possible, supports vaccination for and offers paramedical supplies to local communities.

Promotion of a safe and effective Covid-19 vaccine

In China, vaccination appointments started for employees in mid-March. The Imerys team is tracking take-up by plant and home-based employees.

In India, Imerys is running a vaccination drive for eligible employees, contractors, family members and nearby community members, in collaboration with local hospitals, industry associations and paramedic staff. 

Vaccination centres have been identified, including Imerys’ own hospital premises in Katni, and free kits containing masks and sanitisers have been handed out to reiterate the continued need to follow Covid-19 guidelines. 

A communication campaign also launched across Imerys’ US sites, encouraging employees to get the vaccine when offered. Imerys is using posters, blog posts, videos and pre-shift messages from managers to answer questions employees might have.

Additionally, a photo caption prize competition asked employees to complete the sentence, “I’m getting the Covid vaccine because…”. 

I’m getting vaccinated for my friends and family. We need to put Covid behind us. We want to be together, and we want to give each other a sense of comfort that we’re safe when we get together. Getting vaccinated is a way to do your part. It’s the safe thing to do.

Ron Underwood
Imerys Vise-President of the Paper & board market

Reuniting colleagues in the workplace

With the uptake of vaccinations on the rise, Imerys is working towards bringing employees previously separated back together.

“I’m looking forward to seeing my colleagues who I’ve not seen in person in well over a year,” says Xavier Contreras, Hub Director for Mexico.

Imerys supporting vaccination