Carbital N®

The Carbital N range is a liquid form of ground calcium carbonate made for surgical glove manufacturers that reduces cost and improves performance.
Medical rubber gloves

A low-cost latex filler for medical workers

Malaysia is the world’s largest supplier of rubber gloves, commanding about 61% of the global market. We are the main supplier of Ground Calcium Carbonate (GCC) in the country and have been producing our Carbital N range, a liquid form of GCC for glove manufacturers, since 2003. 

GCC, which is produced from marble, limestone or chalk, is a filler material, comprising up to 40% of the glove. This means less high-priced natural latex is needed than in gloves that don’t use GCC, keeping costs down for the healthcare sector.

Glove producers run rigorous quality control tests to ensure they are fit for purpose. When added in the correct proportions, GCC can improve tensile strength – meaning greater resistance to tension and stretching. GCC also offers superior tear strength, meaning the gloves are less likely to rip during use, reducing the risk of infection to nurses, doctors and healthcare consultants. 

Key benefits

Cost-effective latex filler
Improves tensile strength
Improves resistance to stretching

High-quality rubber gloves were increasing in demand even before the coronavirus outbreak, because of growing awareness of the importance of hygiene. While most of Malaysia has been in lockdown, we have been able to get special approval to run our Carbital N line to produce the raw material for this essential product. We are playing an important role in keeping frontline workers well equipped and safe during this crisis.

Matthew Chua
Imerys Plastics market expert, Singapore
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