Celite® for adhesives & sealants

Created from naturally occurring silica deposits, Celite improves hardness, tack control, cure and rheology for high-performance adhesives and sealants.
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Take your product formulations to new heights

Diatomite is a natural silica deposit made from fossil-phytoplankton. It’s an incredible substance for many reasons, and highly useful as a natural ingredient for the adhesive and sealant industry

Whether you’re looking to increase hardness, enhance reinforcement properties or get better control over tack, cure and rheology, our diatomite-based product range Celite deserves your attention. 

Celite has very high porosity, with 85% of its volume occupied by air. Other benefits include low density, a large specific surface area, very high adsorption capacity, stable chemical properties, high thermal stability and hardness.

It’s proving a key ingredient in formulations for a wide range of applications, including elastomeric assembly joints, wear resistance adhesives, systems needing high tensile strength, insulation sealants and barrier sealants. It’s also ideal for automotive adhesives and sealers, and those created for the aerospace and aircraft sectors. 

Celite is suitable for use in:

  • Elastomeric assembly joints
  • Wear resistance adhesives
  • System needing high tensile strength
  • Automotive adhesives and sealers
  • Insulation sealants
  • Barrier sealants
  • Aerospace / Aircraft

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Key benefits

Enhanced reinforcement
Tack control
Cure control
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