Harborlite for ACS

Weight reduction, improved insulation, better mechanical strength and greater hardness with Harbolite, a thermally expanded perlite widely used in adhesive and sealants.
Wollastonite range

Naturally light and strong 

Harborlite is our formulation of volcanic glass that contains water particles. When turned into steam, they expand, producing lightweight spheroids. This makes it well suited to various adhesives, Plastisol and sealants where it’s used for lightweighting, and improving mechanical strength and hardness in finished formulations.

As well as these benefits, Harborlite enhances clarity, provides chemical resistance, texturing and thermal stability. Used in this way, it’s ideal for use in barrier sealant, high-wear-resistance adhesives, room temperature vulcanizing sealants and preformed gaskets.

Key benefits

Clarity enhancement
Chemical resistance
Thermal stability
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