ImerFlex filler is our high performance, cost-effective alternative to carbon black for use in rubber compounds.
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A flexible, cost-effective reinforcement filler for rubber

Our ImerFlex products are cost-effective industrial minerals that perform in synergy with clay, precipitated silica and carbon black. ImerFlex products provide greater flexibility, balancing the benefits of improved processability with the requirements of product performance.

The ImerFlex range has a unique microlamellar structure providing a higher surface area at the same fineness as macrolamellar talc found on the market. This specific surface area leads to better reinforcement levels in rubber compounds.

Used in addition to or as a partial substitution for carbon black, for example, our ImerFlex talc range demonstrates a synergism that:

  • Improves processability – lowering viscosity and improving mold flow and extrusion rates
  • Enhances mechanical properties such as elongation at break, modulus and cut/tear resistance
  • Reduces plasticizer evaporation, resulting in superior thermal and weather resistance
  • Reduces permeability by creating a barrier to the diffusion of gases
  • Improves the dispersion of carbon black – lowering mixing time by up to 20% in tire tread compounds, for example, increasing production output
  • Prevents scorch

ImerFlex talcs are a viable technical and cost-effective alternative to N500, N700 and N990.

ImerFlex talcs are white and can be used in pigmented and non-black systems as well as to provide complementary options to carbon black.

They are the multifunctional fillers of choice for extrusion and molded parts for automotive, building and domestic appliance applications. They are natural, inert, free-flowing talcs, available in high-density, dust-free micro-beads for easy handling and high processing throughput.

For tire applications, we recommend our high aspect ratio ImerFlex® HAR.

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