ImerShield performance mineral synergists specially developed for flame retardant applications in polymers
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Synergists for Intumescent Flame Retardants

Intumescent flame retardants in engineered thermoplastics are commonly used in many applications. Our ImerShield range of flame retardant synergists for polymers are specially designed for use in flame retardant systems. Depending on the ImerShield product, they can be used in applications such as cell phones, computers, electric vehicles and household appliances. 

Their engineered morphology and chemistry enable manufacturers to synergistically enhance efficacy and reduce loading levels of flame retardants to meet desired classifications. Depending on the product selection, they can help to improve the reinforcement of plastics, reduce equipment corrosion and improve rheology and melt flow.

Higher performance for higher ratings

The unique features of ImerShield provide a range of benefits to users looking to add real performance to their flame retardant polymers for use in electronics. These features allow for similar or improved flame retardant ratings at reduced part thicknesses. They also allow manufacturers to reduce flame retardant additive loading while improving or maintaining their classification. Depending on the product selection, they can help to improve the reinforcement of plastics, reduce equipment corrosion or improve rheology and melt flow. Security of supply is increased by allowing the use of alternative formulations with minerals that partially replace flame retardant additives and chopped glass fiber in formulations. Manufacturers can also reduce overall formulation costs by supplementing higher-cost additives and formulation components that currently face supply limitations. 

These impressive features make ImerShield the ideal choice for use in intumescent flame retardant plastics formulations to improve their classifications, part quality, mechanical properties and polymer processing while also reducing additive loading and equipment corrosion.


  • Enables flame retardant classification
  • Allows for reduced flame retardant additive loading 
  • Improved production processing
  • Increased security of supply 
  • Cost reduction 

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