The sustainable construction Imerys brand for future calcium aluminate-based specialty binders engineered to design lean mix mortars.

LEAP calcium aluminate binders are specially designed for high performance and low CO2 footprint

LEAP, or LEan calcium Aluminate binders for sustainable Performance, is a new specialty binder brand that allows for both enhanced product performance and more sustainable construction, meaning manufacturers can do much more with much less. It’s the next chapter in our proud and well-established calcium aluminate story.

Answering the market demand for more reactive specialty binders, LEAP’s primary benefit is that it allows for less product in a formulation. The concentrated rate of reactivity allows for superior efficiency, which in turn means up to 25% less binder, leading to greater performance and eco-efficient products.  


Lean Mix Design for Sustainable Construction

By doing more with less, the LEAP lean mix design enables excellent performance in a wide range of building applications, from fixing and repairing mortars, mineral foams for filling cavities and boards, to mining, tunneling and even 3D concrete printing. LEAP’s efficiency has a positive impact on a building's Life Cycle Analysis or green rating (HQE, LEAD, etc.), thus making an environmental contribution to the downstream value chain.

LEAP comes as a ready-to-use powder, allowing manufacturers to tailor-make all applicative properties. It is also a very robust product with good reactivity at low temperatures, high early-strength and well-controlled dimensional stability, meaning no compromises on both early- and long-term performance. It also has a long shelf life and an attractive light white color, meaning it can be leveraged for aesthetic purposes. 


Key benefits

  • Lean Mix Design: high reactivity enabling to use less products
  • Ease of use: ready to plug in setting time from min to hours
  • Robustness at temperature: No compromise early strength comes along long term strength
  • Reach iso reactivity from 5 to 35°C
  • Visual comfort: light off white
  • New horizons in terms of applications: dry mix, concrete acceleration, Mineral Foam, 3D
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Powering ultra reactivity with ultra-reactive specialty binders: LEAP®

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