Use our Mistrobond line for lower permeability, improved modulus and compression set in medical stoppers, O-rings and gaskets.

Better barrier properties for stoppers, gaskets and more 

The Mistrobond range has been specifically designed to improve the barrier properties of stoppers, gaskets and membrane applications. 

Our Mistrobond product is a very fine microlamellar talc that has been surface treated with a proprietary silane coupling agent for use in sulfur and peroxide cured rubber compounds to improve barrier properties, modulus and compression set.

The Mistrobond range provides:

  • Excellent barrier properties
  • Good chemical resistance
  • Improved modulus
  • Low compression set
  • Carbon black replacement
  • Barrier properties

In tests conducted at our laboratory in France, medical stoppers reinforced with our Mistrobond talc demonstrated 30% less permeability than stoppers filled with calcined clay, for example. Mistrobond talc also improves tear resistance of stoppers, limiting fragmentation.

Mistrobond talc is available in compacted form for easy handling and high processing throughput.

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