Perlite microspheres

Improved insulation, mechanical strength and hardness from a naturally lightweight volcanic mineral.
Wollastonite range

Nature’s natural strengthener      

Perlite is derived from naturally occuring volcanic glass. Its particles contain tiny amounts of water which expand into steam to produce a foamed structure made up of lightweight spheroids. 

These perlite microspheres deliver weight reduction while improving insulation, mechanical strength and hardness for manufacturers of adhesive and sealants. 

If you need to improve clarity, chemical resistance, hardness, texturing or thermal stability, while also ensuring a lightweight product, then perlite microspheres are a great solution. 

Suitable for use in barrier sealants, high-wear-resistance adhesives, preformed gaskets or silicone vulcanising sealants, they can be used as they naturally occur or milled to specific uses.

Key benefits

Clarity enhancement
Chemical resistance
Thermal stability
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