A premium rigid thermal insulator that prevents corrosion, resists fire and is easy to handle

Premium rigid thermal insulator

As the name suggests, Perlitemp is a premium rigid thermal insulator. Its main component, expanded perlite, is one of the best thermal insulators known for the insulation of pipes and equipment at high, medium temperatures because of its low thermal conductivity rate, good mechanical resistance and low water absorption. 
Seeing as it is also installed in conjunction with refractory materials in ceramic furnaces for the iron and steel industries, it can safely be used in high-temperature environments. It keeps the energy in and does not allow significant heat losses by conduction, convection or radiation. This allows for consistent temperatures without heat/cold leakages that ultimately require more power generation to perform normal activities. Perlitemp premium rigid thermal insulator also offers fire resistance and can keep flames confined for significant periods of time, without causing flame, odour or smoke.
The fact that it is so lightweight makes it easier to manage and use in applications. It also lasts a long time, with minimal water absorption and thermal conductivity that does not deteriorate over time. Other traditional insulators, though initially waterproof, become vulnerable after time due to the activity, misuse and physical impacts of the environment.
It protects pipes and equipment from corrosion, making Perlitemp the ideal thermal insulator for any type of industrial facility because of its low amount of chloride ions and high amount of sodium silicate inhibitors. It also prevents the cracking induced by a combination of the stress of the tension and the corrosive environment.
Perlitemp is available in the form of plates, half and quarters of rods recommended for use in industrial facilities, oil plants, chemical plants, refineries, power plants and diverse processing plants. If necessary, the parts can be dimensioned to allow multiple applications.

Key benefits

High thermal performance
Corrosion inhibiting
Avoids stress corrosion under insulation
Minimal water absorption
Non-inflammable - fireproof
Lightweight - easy handling
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