Suzorite for ACS

Suzorite offers vibration damping plus excellent barrier effects against stain, water, chemical and UV radiation, alongside a range of other benefits for the adhesives and sealants industry.
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Suzorite seals the deal

With a wide portfolio of uses in the adhesives and sealants sector, Suzorite is a range of highly lamellar phlogopite micas. It’s renowned for its vibration-damping effects as well as its high thermal, electric and chemical resistance properties. 

Lamellas of Suzorite are flexible but stiff enough to provide high flexural strength along with enhanced sound barrier properties. Our range also imparts excellent barrier effects against stain, water, chemical and UV radiation. 

We produce grades of Suzorite both with and without surface treatment, depending on what effects you need, and they are available in a range of particle sizes and aspect ratios.

Ideal for producers of epoxy, polyurethane, silicone and acrylic sealants and adhesives, Suzorite can be used in conjunction with carbon black in electronic potting formulations and liquid sprayed sound deadening sealers.

Among a host of other benefits, Suzorite will also enhance thermal and electrical insulation, moisture and stain resistance, barrier properties and high aspect ratios.

Key benefits

Vibration damping
Thermal insulation
Electrical insulation
Moisture and stain resistance
Barrier properties
High aspect ratio
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