Wollastonite range

Increased stability, resistance and strength for improved performance of adhesives and sealants from our Wollastonite range.
Wollastonite range

Wollastonite – when performance counts

We produce a range of products from a naturally occurring calcium meta-silicate called Wollastonite. They are designed to enhance the performance of structural adhesives, LASD and plastisols, aqueous adhesive and sealants, high-temperature systems, pressure-sensitive adhesives, hot melts, heat-activated systems, UV curable adhesives and moisture reactive adhesives and sealants. 

We offer a range of Wollastonite grades varying in particle size, aspect ratio and surface treatment. Fine and high aspect ratio products include Aspect and Nyglos, our low aspect ratio product is called Nyad, and we also have surface treated Wollastocoat grades for high dispersion and low moisture uptake, especially suited for moisture-sensitive formulations.

All products deliver added dimensional stability, improved tensile strength, sag and abrasion resistance, enhanced rheology, cold temperature crack resistance and pH control. And Wollastonite is particularly useful in structural adhesives to improve cohesive properties and improve acoustic damping.

Key benefits

Dimensional stability
Tensile strength
Sag resistance
Abrasion resistance
Cold temperature crack resistance
Sound damping
pH control
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