Science & technology (S&T) for health, pharma & biotechnology

At Imerys, we have developed a deep understanding of our customers' requirements and markets through years of experience in the health sector.
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How can we help you succeed? 

Our Science & Technology (S&T) experts have years of experience in the use of mineral extenders in the markets we serve. In fact, many of our specialists have worked in the health, pharmaceuticals or biotech industries before joining our ranks. A good understanding of your market segment is vital to boosting your performance, so that’s what we bring to the table. 

Bespoke formulation services

Every year we perform hundreds of formulation studies. Our S&T team has in-depth knowledge of how our minerals interact in applications across the health, pharma and biotech sectors. By matching exactly the right mineral to your requirements and optimizing parameters such as particle size, shape, packing, crystal micro-structure, color and hardness, we can meet your exact formulation requirements, saving you time and bringing added performance to your end products.

Our applications laboratories are equipped with a full range of analytical equipment enabling us to spearhead applications innovation as well as providing you with bespoke formulation services and technical support.

Understanding your processes

Our S&T managers can also study your production processes to ensure best use and handling of our minerals in your systems. 

Since their inception over 25 years ago, our state-of-the-art Technology Centers including John's Creek (GA, USA) and Toulouse (France) have built up a solid reputation for helping our customers develop new formulations.

Just contact your regional pharmaceuticals expert to find out how we can help you.