Cost optimization for adhesives & sealants

Our minerals can also help bring down your costs, by speeding up processes and replacing expensive raw materials.

Cutting costs through smart mineral use

How can you cut costs while improving your final product? Minerals provide many opportunities to do just that. Using minerals in formulations not only reduces raw material costs, it can also bring down manufacturing costs.

Expensive and difficult-to-dose ingredients like fumed silica can be replaced by simple precipitated calcium carbonate solutions in plastisols. Likewise, Socal® grades and ImerSeal® grades shorten in-situ drying times, optimizing your batch production times. Our rheology agents improve flow, increasing throughput on dosing machines, and we can reduce your use of moisture scavengers with our low-moisture grades. 

These are just some of the ways that minerals can help your plant produce better products at lower costs. Get in touch to share the specifics of your processes and we’ll design a solution that works for you. 

Specifically, cost optimization is achieved by:

  • Improving the flow of the mineral, increasing throughput on the dosing machine.
  • Replacing part of fumed silica, which is hydroscopic, difficult to dose (very fluffy), by PCC in plastisol formulations.
  • Optimizing batch production time, e.g. using certain low and constant moisture level Socal® and ImerSeal® grades shortens in situ drying time. 
  • Reducing moisture scavenger usage with our low moisture grades.