ImerSeal ensures minimal moisture pick-up and optimum moisture dispersion for high-end adhesive and sealant systems.
A skyscraper with structural windows that use a silicone to hold the glazed joint securely

Natural alternatives for curing systems

If you’re producing silicone sealants, hybrid polymer sealants, epoxies or other high-end adhesives and sealant systems, you need precise control over moisture levels during production. 

Our ImerSeal grades are high-quality, surface-coated ground calcium carbonates produced from natural marble deposits. They’re surface-treated with fatty acids to create a coherent hydrophobic surface that provides for excellent dispersion, very low inherent moisture content, and minimal moisture pick-up compared to other curing systems. 

This reduces the energy needed for pre-drying, and it can also speed up processing due to excellent dispersion, and provide enhanced storage stability. Amongst other end benefits are excellent shear-thinning, high adhesion, a desirable surface profile and enhanced mechanical properties such as elongation, tensile and tear strength and reinforcement. 

We created our ImerSeal range specifically for processes where thixotropy, moisture sensitivity and colour are major considerations, but it can be deployed in both moisture-curing and non-moisture curing systems. Get in touch to talk to our experts about how it could work for you.

ImerSeal is recommended for use in:

  • Silicone sealants
  • Hybrid polymer sealants
  • Polysulfide
  • Polyurethane
  • Epoxies
  • Plastisol
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