Board & fiber-based packaging

We offer innovative, best performance multi-pigment solutions for paperboard packaging production.
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Enhanced functionality for board & fibre packaging

Brand owners and retailers place a high premium on the packaging that can effectively communicate the brand image and positioning of their products to the end consumer. For packaging and board producers and converters, this translates into carefully developed packaging grades that meet demanding specifications required during the printing and converting process. 

We use state-of-the-art selective mining and production practices to develop products that bring specific functionality and performance to our end customers.

With a unique and comprehensive portfolio of hyper-platy kaolins, engineered kaolins and calcium carbonates along with transformational speciality products like EcoBright™ and formulations services, our global customer base can benefit from advanced multi-pigment solutions. 

We offer a wide range of products throughout the world, differing in shape, particle size and brightness to suit all paperboard applications. We work actively with customers to develop new and innovative solutions to solve their technical and commercial challenges.

Products for coated carton board & liner board

Multi-mineral and specialty portfolio for folding boxboard, SBS, CRB and other coated packaging grades to improve:

  • Printability
  • Surface enhancements
  • Top-ply applications
  • Coverage
  • TiO2 extension
  • Barrier coating
  • Incremental productivity gains
  • Energy savings
  • Dematerialisation/Lightweighting
  • Stiffness improvement

Products for uncoated cartonboard and linerboard

Multi-mineral portfolio for uncoated packaging grades to improve:

  • Fibre extension
  • Dematerialisation / Lightweighting
  • Productivity
  • Energy savings

Our product portfolio also addresses the specific needs and rigorous quality requirements of the specialty paper market including release liners, label paper, thermal paper, laminating paper, cigarette paper and friction paper.