Kaolin range

Our Kaolin range delivers improved dispersion and mechanical properties in adhesives, caulks and sealants.
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What can kaolins offer you?  

Kaolin is a clay mineral that we mine all over the world. In the adhesives, caulks and sealants industry, it can be used for a range of enhancements, depending on the type of kaolin – hydrous, calcined, surface-modified or pre-dispersed grades. 

Hydrous kaolin are ideal for water-based adhesives, used as either coarse primary kaolins in low viscosity adhesives or fine secondary kaolins for high viscosity adhesives. Both offer improved rheology and wet tack, and optimal binder consumption in grams weight per square meter.

Calcined kaolin are suitable for moisture-cured high modulus polyurethane formulations, where they improve dispersion, speed up drying time, increase throughput, reduce slump, add to cohesive strength and enhance tear resistance and impact strength, among other benefits. 

Surface modified kaolins such as Polarite are ideal for moisture sensitive applications and pre-dispersed coarse kaolin such as our Devolite range is formulated for high loading and barrier properties in high quality latex seals. 

Whatever your needs, there’s a kaolin available to help.

Key benefits

Optimal binder consumption in grams weight per square meter
Improved drying time, increasing throughput
Improved cohesive strength
Enhanced tear resistance and impact strength
Good acid resistance
Improved dimensional stability
Improved barrier properties
Improved wet tack
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