Environmental purification

Our Purimol® range can help to purify wastewater and defluorinate phosphoric acid by-products, reducing your harmful emission.
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Purification and filtration for your by-products

With environmental issues such as water contamination and air pollution on the rise, all industries are under greater pressure with regard to the purification and filtration of substances they release into the environment as by-products of their activity.

Our Purimol range is created from moler, a unique amorphous mineral found and mined by Imerys on the islands of Fur and Mors in Denmark. Moler is composed of approximately one-third clay and two-thirds diatomaceous earth, which is a highly absorbent mineral.

Our Purimol products are suitable for a wide range of environmental purification and filtration applications including wastewater purification, phosphoric acid defluorination, odour absorption, and smoke and gas purification.

Talk to our environment and energy team about how our Imerys Purimol range can help cut your harmful by-products.