Olive oil extraction

Our talcs are effective solutions for maximizing yield in virgin olive oil production. Our perlite and diatomite filter aids provide cost effective filtration solutions during subsequent refining.
Olive oil extraction

Better yields and refining for olive oil producers  

Talc is an effective aid for increasing virgin olive oil yield throughout the full duration of the olive producing campaign. Talc works with all olive types and is particularly effective with difficult olives.

Our talc aids processing in olive oil production, where it:

  • Absorbs the natural emulsifier found in olives, allowing more olive oil to be extracted – particularly from difficult fruit that contains too much or not enough water
  • Reduces fruit solids in the oil that cause cloudiness and higher sediment levels, improving oil clarity
  • Allows milling at lower temperatures
  • Reduces the need for oil-degrading techniques such as heating the paste or adding water, improving oil quality
  • Increases plant production capacity
  • Lowers emulsion levels in wastewater – which is often used to irrigate nearby fields

Talc is natural and environmentally friendly, and it does not pollute wastewaters. As talc is inert, it does not affect the chemical properties of the olive paste, nor the color or flavor of the final product.

We recommend our Talcoliva® grades for this application.

Talcoliva grades

  • Is registered for use as a food additive under European Directive 1129/2011 (EC), E553b (Annex II) 
  • Complies with required purity criteria set out in European Directive 231/2012 (EC)
  • Complies with US FDA Standards for Food Additives
  • Complies with purity criteria under Food Chemical Codex, VIII Edition
  • Complies with Japanese Standards for Food Additives, VIII Edition
  • Complies with kosher and halal food specifications 
  • Does not contain allergens

Perlite and diatomite filter aids for olive oil refining  

Perlite and diatomite filter aids are cost-effective filter aids for the removal of unwanted solids during the refining process immediately prior to packaging. Both minerals are natural and inert and supplied from Imerys’ own production plants in Italy, Spain and France.