Thermally conductive rubber

We offer a range of especially designed carbon-based additives that enhance thermal conductivity in rubbers for a wide range of different applications.
Thermally conduct rubber

Ideal additives for efficient thermal conductivity in rubber

Whether it be for the production of seals and gaskets, friction parts, heat exchangers, gas barrier membranes, inner tyre liners or any other parts with high operating temperatures, manufacturers strive to match thermal conductivity with intended use. 

Effective heat management in in-use applications allows for efficient heat transfer and greater temperature stability. Thermal conductivity helps during processing too, reducing the optimum cure time of thick rubber pieces. 

We recommend ENASCO® conductive carbon blacks for providing electrical and thermal conductivity, as well as anti-static properties to specialty gaskets and seals for harsh environments and Timrex® graphites for abrasion-resistance, improved chemical and thermal stability as well as electrical and thermal conductivity. Most notably, our ENSACO® 250G conductive carbon black and TIMREX® KS44 and Timrex® C-Therm™ graphites test very well compared to market references in terms of in-plane thermal conductivity (W/m.K).