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European Coatings Show 2023: Enabling the Future of Sustainable Construction

From energy usage to emissions and natural resources, the construction industry has a huge impact on the environment. Today, this impact translates to revisions in building regulations, leveraging of technological advances and new materials, and greater adoption of sustainable construction methods. This sustainability is what we strive for.

Workers on a construction site

Imerys is committed to seeing the construction sector accomplish its objectives for a more sustainable future. As a responsible company and supplier, Imerys is committed to reducing its own GHG emissions by 42% before 2030, in absolute terms. It also helps its customers decrease their own emissions by providing sustainable advancements in its offerings and production processes in Paints & Coatings to Adhesives, Caulks & Sealants and Building Solutions. 

As the synergies between innovation and sustainability grow, so does Imerys’ portfolio of sustainable new solutions. These are geared towards improving performance and lasting aesthetics, achieving sustainability targets, and meeting regional standards related to thermal insulation, carbon reduction and even fire safety. 


Sustainability through to the finishing touches

When it comes to painting and decorating, be it internally or externally, or for finished pieces which require specific coatings or insulating renders, Imerys is there to help producers make those finishing touches more sustainable. This is done by working together to engineer the right minerals to meet the quality and performance requirements of formulations. 

For Decorative Paints & Powder Coatings, these attributes include TiO2 replacement, stain blocking and corrosion resistance options, which lengthen lifespan and service life before refurbishment, reducing the overall raw materials used. When it comes to ETICS, Plasters & Renders, Imerys products focus on faster drying, early rain resistance, anti-cracking and anti-pinholing to again ensure builds last that much longer. For Adhesives, Caulks & Sealants too, Imerys’ mineral solution portfolio is there to enhance the end product rheology, mechanical properties, shelf life and adhesion, ensuring that spaces remain airtight and watertight, guaranteeing livability and durability. Imerys Building Solutions are geared towards greater innovation and requirements for sustainability in demand on the market today. These include mineral foams, green concrete, low CO2 binders and post-industrial recycled materials that ensure worksites remain safe, fire resistant, robust, well insulated and, of course, visually appealing on top of being guaranteed lean and sustainable.

Imerys at the European Coatings Show 2023

A must on the calendar of the global paints and coatings industry, the European Coatings Show (ECS) is held every two years in Nuremberg, Germany, and brings together over 1,100 exhibitors and many more visitors to discuss everything from raw materials for printing ink, coatings and adhesives, to equipment, machinery and even work safety for the sector. Importantly, there is also a focus on environmental protection solutions and services. At ECS 2023 on 28-30 March, in hall 5 at booth 443, Imerys is looking forward to meeting with customers and showing how its expertise and solutions can help unlock better futures through the even greater achievement of sustainable construction goals.

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