Plasters & renders for facades

Discover how our minerals improve the mechanical properties and surface of renders and plasters for construction facades and surfaces.
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Solutions for plasters & renders applied to facades 

A common challenge for producers and users of plasters and renders, meant for leveling & finishing interior walls, is pinholing. These pinholes, as they are called, are generally the result of the capillary effect between the coarser plaster particles and renders, and cracks are due to shrinkage. 

Our range of mineral solutions reduce pinholing and cracking in plasters and renders, making them ideal multifunctional fillers for the improvement of mechanical properties and surface appearance. 

Perlites offer a number of key advantages in plasters and renders used primarily for coating and finishing walls. Expanded perlite is a vital ingredient in lightweight plasters and mortars, bringing light weight, insulation, fire protection, paste fluidity and strength, workability, improvement of color, elasticity, smooth release of water during hardening and a reduction in raw materials required. Muscovite micas are good solutions for improving mixing and trowelling properties in mortars and to improve the flexibility of the finished product. Ground carbonate provides particle packing to improve workability and improve water retention. Carbonate can be used as a partial replacement for white cement, which reduces costs in the formulation. 

Our Peramin® range of functional additives are designed to enhance drymix mortar application and performance. This includes polycarboxylate superplasticizers, melamine superplasticizers, shrinkage reducing agents, defoaming agents and accelerating agents for the construction industry.