China's most reputed high-alumina specialty binder brand, producing for the world.
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High-alumina specialty binders

Jianai is China's most reputed high-alumina specialty binder brand, producing for refractory, building materials and ceramics applications.  

The first ton of Jianai high-alumina specialty binder was produced in 2008 at the renowned Zhengzhou production plant, China's first high-alumina specialty binder production line dating back to 1958. Today, production capacity stands at 150,000 tons of aluminate series specialty binder and 10,000 tons of rotary kiln calcined α-alumina series products, making the Jianai brand a very well known player on its market.

The Jianai brand uses advanced alumina and alumina-based technologies, products and services, and works closely with refractory manufacturers and construction companies to achieve long-term business development. Its products are highly stable and innovative. 

A service-driven approach allows the Jianai brand to meet its customers’ needs by developing innovative solutions to produce high-quality products. The brand covers all provinces and cities of China with more than 100 distributors and leverages the plant’s road-rail dual-use platform that connects to the whole country. 

Jianai products fall under one of five categories: high alumina specialty binder series, chemical building materials, pure aluminate specialty binder series, refractory calcined alpha alumina, calcined α alumina for ceramics.

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