Highly resistant and robust, Fondag concrete is unshakeable. Nothing stands in its way; neither cold, extreme heat nor corrosion. Even under extreme conditions.

Here to stay: Fondag


Formulated using specific alumina binders and synthetic aggregates, Fondag is the most reliable ready-to-use heavy-duty concrete on the market. Be it fire, abrasion, corrosion or thermal shock, Fondag® is resistant in many extremely harsh environments and can withstand numerous chemical, mechanical and thermal attacks. It is the perfect choice for asset responsibles looking to take on multiple targeted issues with one robust and long lasting solution. 

Supplied as a dry, ready-to-use mixture, Fondag concrete shows good workability followed by a rapid hardening and allows users to resume operations as early as 8 to 10 hours after application. It is resistant to temperatures from -180°C to +1100°C and thermal shocks, as well as corrosion caused by sulfates, oils, industrial waste, and several chemicals and acids. It can be used in the most extreme conditions, in temperatures as low as -10°C and on seaside projects, where it hardens between tides. All these properties make Fondag concrete ideal for industrial floors, fire protection, hydraulic structures, metallurgical industries,  chemical and petrochemical industries, roads, paving, agricultural concretes, waste processing units, spaceports, etc.

Fondag must be used alone, without adding portland cement. After casting, the concrete must be cured to optimize its performance and extend the durability of the project.

Fondag® DG is the high resistant dry gunning version of Fondag, ideally suited for work on retaining walls, tunnels, cement silos and storage boxes, where it provides robust and long lasting protection. Equally rapid hardening, allowing a return to service after just 6 to 8 hours, Fondag DG must also be used alone, without addition of portland cement. After dry-gunning, the mortar must be cured to optimize its performance and extend the durability of the project.


Key benefits

  • Quick drying and rapid hardening
  • Resume operations as early as 8 hours after casting
  • Resistant to temperatures from -180°C to +1100°C
  • Exceptional resistance to abrasion, erosion and impact
  • Resistant to chemical corrosion down to pH  3.5
  • Resistant to sea salts
  • VOC classification = A+
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