Heavy-duty industrial assets

Our solutions for heavy-duty industrial assets provide long lasting, robust and easy-to-maintain surfaces that are rapid to apply to protect or rebuild most severely exposed assets. On top of their exceptional resistance to heat, abrasion and chemicals, they also reduce downtime with return to service within only a few hours.
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Protecting heavy-duty industrial assets

Heavy-duty industrial assets, from dams and space ports to sugar mills and refineries, can definitely take a beating, but even the toughest facilities do degrade over time, requiring maintenance and protection against heat, abrasion, impact or chemicals. Oil Refineries, for instance, constantly repair deterioration that occurs in petrochemical sulfur pits. Metal Industries, in turn, repair deterioration of furnace area floors at steel works. Tank Farms seek to maintain areas of pavement where spills occur. 

When it comes to preserving assets to assure their longevity and sustainability, it is up to maintenance & project managers to select the best heavy-duty concrete to extend service life, while at the same time evaluating its cost-effectiveness. These decisions are best made together with the field users who define the main constraints, procurement teams who reference the solution and the all-important applicators who perform the required repair and advise on technical solutions.

Especially developed to resist the most aggressive industrial environments, our ready-to-use, high strength and very durable FONDAG® 100% calcium aluminate mortar / concrete is the solution of choice for many heavy-duty industrial asset managers. The combination of strong, hard, dense and non-porous synthetic aggregates develops very strong chemical and mechanical bonds within the calcium aluminate binder. FONDAG is characterized by its capacity to resist aggressive environments where high temperature, thermal and mechanical shocks, abrasion and corrosion, are all present. 

In environments where Portland cement concrete and specialty products deteriorate rapidly, FONDAG is the logical solution for long term durability, increasing asset service life between maintenance and reducing maintenance and downtime costs. FONDAG is also extremely versatile, able to take on a multitude of combined needs.