ImerPure™ Z

ImerPure Z is a natural zeolite-based solution specifically designed to optimize ammonia adsorption in industrial, urban, collective and non-collective wastewater treatment plants.
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A range of high-purity, natural zeolite-based products for wastewater treatment

ImerPure Z is a range of wastewater treatment solutions derived from highly pure, natural clinoptilolite zeolite, mined and processed at Imerys’ Beli Plast operation in southern Bulgaria. Designed in collaboration with wastewater treatment technology leaders, ImerPure Z can meet all your specific ammonia removal needs, irrespective of your operating conditions, the ammonia concentrations/thresholds you are experiencing and your preferences in terms of implementation. 

It is a sustainable, mineral-based product range of natural origin, suitable for use in industrial and urban wastewater treatment plants, where it is an excellent alternative or complement to chemicals, complex biological treatments or expensive/synthetic ion-exchange resins.

Zeolite - microporous aluminoscilicate
Clinoptilolite zeolite produced at Imerys’ Beli Plast in Bulgaria is > 85% pure - one of the purest in the world.
Zeolite SEM
Zeolite’s high surface area, high ion-exchange capacity, hydration/rehydration and adsorption capacity makes it an excellent solution for ammonia removal.


ImerPure Z clinoptilolite zeolite presents a high surface area, high ion-exchange capacity, hydration/rehydration and adsorption capacity. The presence of exchangeable and labile compensating cations in the zeolite confers it a role as an ion exchanger, making cation exchanges with ammonia possible, depending on the cation, the affinity, the structure and the competitive cations present. Due to its purity and crystalline network in the form of channels, clinoptilolite zeolite has a high capacity for adsorption of cationic elements in water and a large developed surface, thus promoting the adsorption kinetics of ammonia.

As a complement to biological treatment processes in collective or industrial wastewater plants:

  • ImerPure Z300 can be used in continuous fluidized bed reactors to refine ammoniacal nitrogen removal where nitrification/denitrification is incomplete due to hydraulic or ammonia concentration surcharge.
  • ImerPure Z63 can be used in decanters to cut off ammonia peaks before biological treatment.
  • ImerPure Z800 is suitable for use in conventional filters to remove residual ammonia traces following biological treatment, for example in the case of greasy effluents or ammonia overload.

As an alternative to complex biological treatments or expensive/synthetic ion-exchange resins in industrial wastewater plants:

  • ImerPure Z300 is ideal for use in fluidized bed reactors to control varying ammonia concentrations presenting high peaks and variable flows.
  • ImerPure Z800 can be used in conventional filters for treating low ammonia concentrations.

Yes. ImerPure Z can be easily implemented in your existing clarifiers, filters and fluidized bed reactors as an alternative or a complement to existing processes, such as biological or ion-exchange treatments.

Yes. ImerPure Z can potentially contribute to the circular economy. Our teams are currently working closely with industry players to create synergies between industrial waste producers and potential end users of recovered zeolite.

In addition to its possible regeneration for reuse in water treatment, opportunities for recycling the zeolite have already been identified:

  • In agriculture as a soil amendment: the ammonia retained in the zeolite can contribute additional nitrogen to fertilizers, and the absorption capacity of the zeolite itself can boost availability and access to water.
  • In construction, as a backfill material.

Key benefits

  • Natural, mineral-based alternative to chemicals and synthetic ion-exchange resins
  • Fast and effective adsorption of ammonia at all stages of the wastewater treatment process
  • Easy to implement in existing clarifiers, filters and fluidized bed reactors
  • Can be used in new installations or to optimize existing processes
  • Suitable for industrial, collective and non-collective wastewater treatment plants
  • Sustainable solution contributing to the circular economy
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