Expanded perlite for lightweight concrete and loose filler insulation

Versatile Perliv expanded perlite

Designed for use in lightweight specialty binders, plasters, concrete and mortars and as a loose filler in floors, ceilings and cavity walls, our Perliv range of expanded perlite is lightweight, thermally insulating, sound-proofing and fire resistant.   
Perliv expanded perlite owes its lightweight properties to the countless air alveolus present within expanded perlite, which in turn also explains its excellent thermal insulation capacity. With a low density < 100 kg/m3, Perliv® expanded perlite is much lighter than many other traditional building materials. To put this into comparison, it is 15 times lighter than sand, 8 times lighter than expanded clay and 6 times lighter than volcanic granulates. This enables constructors to significantly reduce end structure weight and guarantee ease of handling and transfer.
Perliv expanded perlite also provides optimal insulation and thermal resistance at a much lighter weight compared to other common insulation materials on the market such as expanded clay mortars. 
These combined properties make Perliv expanded perlite ideal for applications such as specialty binders and concrete, cavity walls, block fillers, outer fillers and coatings, subfloors, projected plasters and, of course, fireproofing. 

Key benefits

Fire resistant
Inert and non-toxic
Low abrasiveness compared to other materials
Easy and quick to use
Easy-to-handle and transport
No saturation point
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