PolCarb™ 25 Build

PolCarb 25 Build is a high purity calcium carbonate which improves the properties of cement, concrete and dry-mix mortars. It is the latest addition to our growing portfolio of engineered limestones developed to support clinker reduction in low-carbon construction applications.
Polcarb 25 Build - Imerys

Supporting clinker reduction in cement and concrete

Imerys is partnering with key building material producers to support them in their search for viable solutions for mitigating the carbon footprint of cementitious products.

PolCarb 25 Build is an engineered ground calcium carbonate produced from high-quality chalk with a specific particle size distribution, specifically designed as a partial substitute for Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC) in cement, concrete and dry-mix mortars, where it confers a range of benefits to the end product.

The purity, morphology and high chemical compatibility of PolCarb 25 Build reacts in synergy with OPC and pozzolanic binders such as metakaolin, silica fume, blast furnace slag, etc., improving the mechanical strength, consistency, workability, aesthetics and durability of cementitious products

Low-carbon substitute for OPC in concrete production

This highly cost-effective limestone solution is suitable for replacing large quantities of OPC in green concrete production. Produced at our Villers plant in France and with a CO2 footprint of 50 kg CO2/t, which is at least 15 times lower than OPC, it is a powerful ally for helping building material producers achieve clinker reduction targets.

PolCarb 25 Build is ideal for use by LC3 (Limestone Calcined Clay Cement), traditional OPC, precast concrete, ready-mix concrete, and dry-mix mortar formulators.

It is equally suitable for improving the properties of renders and tiling cements. 

Key attributes

  • Natural, sustainable product with a low carbon footprint
  • Consistent high quality
  • Controlled grading
  • Suitable for concretes complying with NF EN 206/CN
  • Secure supply chain
  • Local footprint (produced at our Villers operation in France)
  • Cost-effective

Key technical benefits

High chemical compatibility
Optimized easy fines content
Enhanced particle packing and stability, reducing permeability
Improved resistance to freeze-thaw cycling, reducing cracking
Increased flowability and workability of end product
Improved early age strength
Reduced bleeding and shrinkage
Improved efflorescence
White color for good aesthetics and color
Boosts performance of other reactive ingredients, such as fly ash

Our Building & Infrastructure teams offer a range of sustainable solutions based on limestone and metakaolin for low-carbon concrete.

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