Our ALODUR® Sol-Gel is a uniquely aggressive abrasive grains manufactured by a Sol-Gel process.
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Uniquely aggressive and long-lasting sol gel aluminum oxide

Ideal for use in bonded and coated abrasives, e.g. applied on polyester and polyester/cotton-based belts for the deburring of welding seems or the sanding of steel and nickel alloy cast parts such as turbine blades, our ALODUR® Sol-Gel aluminum oxide is a uniquely aggressive abrasive grains manufactured by a sol gel process. It can be described as a composite of nano sized corundum surrounded by platelets of a rare earth aluminate. 
The microstructure of our sol gel aluminum oxide results in a grinding performance that combines the high toughness and high hardness of the grain with the ability of optimised self-sharpening. This special abrasive grain structure enables universal usage at highest cutting rates with a very long tool lifetime for any recommended application and most varied pressure ranges. 

Key benefits

Very aggressive
Long lifetime
High cutting rates
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