Blasting media

Discover our range of mineral products designed for use as blasting media, characterised by their toughness, durability and longevity.
Blasting media

Blasting media for all finishes

The concept is simple. You take pure, loose, abrasive grain, such as aluminum oxide, and blast it at a surface to remove certain layers of rust or paint to make the surface cleaner or ready to rework. The expertise lies in knowing how to achieve different surface qualities using correct blasting media that ensure aggressiveness, toughness, and lifetime.  

Compared to other minerals or materials, such as steel scrap, sands, or glass beads, fused aluminum oxide (electro-corundum) represents a sustainable product that can be recycled numerous times, not breaking down quickly and turning to dust.    

Beyond this, there are several advantages to using electro-corundum as blasting media. It is high-performance and aggressive, maintaining an angular shape even after repeated use. Because of this, combined with its high hardness, means a clean metal surface (surface quality SA 3) can be achieved in a very short time. By working with constant pressure, a uniform structured surface can be reached, creating an excellent adhesive base for coatings. By selecting the appropriate grain qualities, grit sizes and pressures it is possible to vary the surface roughness in a wide range. And because of the aggressive blasting effect, there is no need for high pressures (only 4-5 bars). 
Our product range includes various types of electro-corundum. Most commonly used for blasting are our different regular brown fused aluminum oxide types, white fused aluminum oxide as well as special products such as pink fused aluminum oxide or 25% alumina zirconia.