Suzorite® for building materials

Micas for controlled dimensional stability in wet-room and fire-resistant fiber cement and silicate board

Suzorite for wet room fiber cement board applications

Our Suzorite low-density phlogopite micas are ideally suited for fiber cement board used in wet room applications.  
When used in combination with our Nyad® wollastonite, our Suzorite micas are able to control dimensional stability, thermal shrinkage and board integrity in fiber cement and silicate board. This allows users to meet strict dimensional stability performance criteria for use in wet rooms and where fire-resistant applications are required. We recommend our Suzorite® 20 S and Suzorite® 30 S low bulk density phlogopite micas for these applications.

Key benefits

Dimensional stability
Controlled thermal shrinkage
Improved board integrity
Fire resistance
Synergistic effect with wollastonite
Improved thermal shrinkage
Hydric movement control
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