Animal (livestock) feed

Our minerals are used as additives for premix manufacturing and/or directly in the compound feed formulations. Their uses include technological feed additives in the form of aflatoxin binders, anticaking and flowability agents, binders, carriers and digestive aids for animal feed that may also play a role in the fight against aflatoxins.

Aflatoxin* binders, anti-caking agents, processing aids, carriers and fillers to enhance the quality of animal feed

Minerals such as bentonite, diatomaceous earth and moler, calcium carbonate, kaolin, perlite and talc grades are ideal technological additives for use in animal feed. They’re chemically inert and help with a range of issues from improving feed flow to enhancing pellet stability.

Our Smectagri® bentonite acts as a digestive aid for livestock and poultry, absorbing water and moisture in the animals’ gastrointestinal system, reducing effluents and helping to fight aflatoxins. Smectagri bentonite also acts as a binding and anti-caking agent, improving the flow of animal feed.

Our diatomaceous earth products are also effective anti-caking and flow-promoting agents that improve pellet stability, prevent bridging and condensation in the silo. What’s more, they’re efficient carriers for liquids containing vitamins, fats and etheric oils for premixes.

Kaolin is another prime ingredient in animal feed. Known for their potential soothing effects on the digestive system, kaolins also facilitate the processing of powders and granules for feed, and can act either as a binder or a lubricant, depending on how they’re used.

Our zeolite range is also a highly versatile feed additive. Its high cation exchange capacity gives zeolite high adsorption properties that trap heavy metal ions that can be found in feed. It’s also an excellent carrier for nutrients and improves the use of nitrogen, mainly in diets containing urea, by slowly making nitrogen available to ruminal bacteria. Zeolite is water and moisture-binding, so it prevents caking and promotes the free flow of feed, and it aids digestion by reducing the rate of passage in the gastrointestinal tract, enabling better absorption of all nutrients.
Finally, our talcs sourced from Europe are excellent anti-caking agents, die lubricants and dispersing agents that will also improve the flow of raw materials in animal feed. Naturally water repellent, talcs form a barrier around feed particles, reducing moisture evaporation and water uptake. 

All our animal feed grades pass numerous tests and trials to ensure they pose no toxicity risk to animals. We also formulate special grades designed for dust-free, high-specification environments. Get in touch and tell us what you need from your animal feed.

Imerys animal feed grades: 

  • Have no adverse effect on animals
  • Are produced at FEMAS and FAMi-QS accredited operations 
  • Meet Directive 2005/87/EC of 5 December 2005 governing natural dioxin and heavy metal content.
  • Are covered by EC approval (E560 – talc, E559 – kaolin, 1m558, 1m558i - bentonite, E551c - diatomite/moler)

Certain grades have been specifically designed for dust-free, high specification requirements.

*Aflatoxin binder benefit for EMEA region customers only.