Barrier coating solutions

We deliver environment-friendly barrier coating solutions for cellulose fibre-based packaging, and our solutions are designed to give high barrier performance and good recyclability and repulpability.
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Sustainable barrier coatings for paper, board & packaging

Retailers and brand owners are increasingly adopting overarching sustainability charters aimed at implementing responsible social and environmental practices across their business operations. Sourcing of packaging is one area that is being directly impacted by such initiatives, and is driving the demand for easily recyclable, mono-material packaging to replace more complex-to-recycle, multi-material packaging. As a consequence, there is a growing trend towards the replacement of fluorochemical treatments, polyethylene lamination, wax coating etc. with alternative barrier technologies that do not negatively impact the recyclability of the fibre-based packaging.

Working closely with leading brand owners and packaging converters, we have developed a range of ultra-platy minerals and ready-to-use, water-based barrier coating formulations for fibre-based packaging. Our coatings enhance the surface and functional quality of paper and board-based packaging and provide a more environmentally friendly alternative to the use of polyethylene, wax or fluorochemicals. Unlike these conventional solutions, our barrier coatings do not impact the recyclability of the fibre-based packaging and allow you to meet functional requirements in terms of barrier, overprint glueability and strength.

Our coatings also meet stringent surface quality requirements in terms of printability, smoothness, gloss, brightness and opacity.

Key application areas covered by our product portfolio

  • Moisture vapour barrier
  • Water barrier сoatings
  • Oil & grease barrier coatings
  • Mineral oil barrier

Customised coatings

In addition to a portfolio of “ready-to-use” coating solutions, we are also able to fine-tune our coatings to find the optimum combination of oleophobicity, hydrophobicity, moisture vapour barrier, printability, stiffness, opacity, machine runnability and economics in our formulation to match your specific requirements. Our custom-made coatings ensure optimised performance. Our technical experts can guide you in the choice of formulation and its application method.

Why choose Imerys as your barrier coatings solutions partner?

We have decades of experience serving the paper and board industry with white pigments, giving us in-depth know-how and expertise on coating formulations, and their application across multiple board grades and packaging segments.

We’ve now combined that expertise with our understanding of packaging supply chain needs to develop a unique range of coating formulations.

By using Imerys coating solutions, you’re working with an established partner:

  • With decades of experience in serving the global paper and board-based packaging industry.
  • With research and development capabilities dedicated to the domain of coating formulations including resources with polymer & ink expertise.
  • With a global industrial network to serve its customers
  • With 30 minerals in its portfolio


Imerys barrier coating minerals and formulation solutions are marketed under the brand names:

  • Formulations: Barrikote® Systems
  • Mineral solutions: Barrisurf™, E-Type Series, Steaplus® Prime

Our portfolio also covers non-barrier coating formulations for the printability of corrugated boards (precoat primers and white coatings).

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